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For a while now i have been posting about me and music and have never really let you get your thought in. So if you have any thought’s, Ideas , Comments etc please feel free to comment and i will take them into consideration.

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Merry Christmas

I don’t know about anybody else but I am buzzing for CHRISTMAS!! I’m already on number 4 on my advent calender. That is only 20 sleeps. Please can you comment what you are getting and what kind of advent calender you have.


Merry christmas 


This week im doing a presintation,powerpoint on concentration camps! Since our topic is WW2 we all have to do a report, presintation or model! Next week I am also doing my violin exam next week, grade 2. Wish me luck!


Speek to you all soon!

Alex <3 xx 🙂



Hi again im sorry i havent been posting for while but i have been very busy with the new term starting and all. I have just come back from PGL dalguise it was was amazing! Here are the activities we were doing

  • 80ft tree climb
  • giant swing
  • survivor
  • vertical challange
  • kayaking
  • zip wire
  • sensory trail
  • problem solving
  • trapeeze
  • archery
  • moutain biking

We also had an evening activity every and in my dorm there was Zara,Caitlin m,Niamh and kara

Speek to you later on M&M blog





Amy Winehouse

I’m sure every one else was as shocked as I am about Amy Winehouse’s death. But many people saw it coming 🙁 . she was soo talented and was only 27 (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011). Her realname Amy Jade Winehouse

Amy Winehouse was given the all-clear by doctors less than 24 hours before her death.Amy Winehouse apparently visited the doctors on Friday and doctors found nothing wrong with her, but on Saturday afternoon she was found dead in her bed at home in Camden, north London.It was said that the doctor was happy with her condition during the appointment and had no concerns – but within less than 24 hours she died.The singer’s health was said to have been very fragile as a result of her drink and drug addictions, and she was having a series of check-ups as a result.Her dead body was discovered by her security guard Andrew Morris just before 4pm and it is still not known how she died.Her publicist and friend Chris Goodman confirmed that Amy was alone at home apart from her security guard, who they had appointed to look after her over the past few years.He said Amy had told him she wanted to sleep and when he went to wake her later, he found she wasn’t breathing so called an ambulance immediately.Amy’s publicist added that no one at this stage knows how she died, but she was alone in her bed.While the cause of her tragic death is yet to be confirmed, it has been claimed that she went on a drink and drug binge beacause of a row with on/off boyfriend Reg Traviss.
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Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has admitted that he’s never learned to drive.Speaking during an interview about his promotional track Collision of Worlds for the Disney Pixar sequel Cars 2, Williams said: “I don’t have a driver’s licence… In London you just don’t drive because the traffic is terrible so 37 and still without a driver’s licence in Los Angeles. You’d have thought a multi-millionaire of his age would have got a you get cabs to go everywhere, which has left me being round to it by now.




Competition Time!!

I have some photo’s of singers when they were younger! What you have to do is guess which singer is which, 😀 I will leave a couple of clues for you Good luck!


CLUE: Hit me one more time!

CLUE: Hit me one more time!


CLUE: Someones dressed up POSH!!!

CLUE: Someones dressed up POSH!!!

3.Guess Who!!!



First we had our school assembly on Thursday and it went really well, except we had to cut the last one because it was almost lunch time and the other one took 45 mins 🙂 eek 🙂

I also last night watched for the first time Karate kid! It was quite boring at first but when you get into it’s great! 😀
karate kid

My gran also bought mme a new movie that is only just come out called Gnomeo and juiliet. It is a must see some bits are sad but most of it’s really funny 😀